gland Langrhans mycableone in hormone antagonist that works with the hormone adrenaline, which is to convert sugar into glycogen in the liver and muscles.
Lack of insulin can lead to diabetes or diabetes mellitus. Insulin and adrenal work together regulate blood sugar levels in the body.
Production of sugar through the kidneys causing blood sugar levels to fall, the body becomes weak and hungry, so people eat a lot. In people with diabetes also waste a lot of urine, feel thirsty so easy.mycableone
The number of issued and glucose can not be stored, allowing changes in protein and body fat into glucose. Producing fatty acid metabolism. In the long term, these substances can damage the heart and kidneys. So that the body remains healthy, people with diabetes should exercise regularly as directed by your doctor.
8. glands Intestine and Stomach
Skretin intestinal glands produce hormones and cholecystokinin. While the gastric glands produce hormones gastrin. These hormones play a role in stimulating the secretion of gastric juice.
9. Genital Glands
Sex gland to produce hormones and sex cells. This gland is divided into male and female sex glands.
a. Male sex glands (testes) produce male sex hormones or androgens and sperm cells. Among the most important androgen is testosterone, which serve to:
1. Maintain the process of spermatogenesis
2. Provide a negative effect on LH secretion by the pituitary.
b. Female gonad (ovary) to produce eggs (ova) and female hormones, including estrogen and progesterone.
1. Estrogen is produced by follicular cells of graaf
2. Progesterone produced by the corpus luteum, the former follicles that had been abandoned egg. Progesterone function, namely:
a) Adjusting the growth of the placenta (placenta)
b) by the pituitary Inhibit production of FSH
c) The mother who gave birth progesterone work together lactogen facilitate the production of milk.
d) Set the endometrium and blood vessel growth of the uterine lining.